Exploring Coastal Forts Of Goa Which Offer Striking Views| #4 Cabo de Rama Fort

Leaving behind the highway in South Goa, a narrow road makes its way through paddy fields and small villages. Driving along this scenic route eventually leads you to Cabo de Rama Fort.


Hearing the name of the fort makes you wonder if it has a link to the Ramayana. While I’ve heard somewhere that it is supposedly named after Rama from the epic Ramayana (he is supposed to have spent some part of his exile here), another source mentioned that there is absolutely no connection to it!  But, what we do know about its history, is that it was taken over by the Portuguese from the Raja of Sonda in the 18th century.


What remains today is a gate and some crumbling walls. A watchman sits at the gate with a register taking down names of visitors. Inside, is a small well maintained church frequented by the locals. Walking through the gates and down the path will lead you to the view point. In contrast to the crumbly exterior, the view it offers of the ocean is quite magnificent.


IMG_20170802_165659132 (1)


If you are exploring South Goa, a visit to this fort is definitely worthwhile!

Cabo de Rama Fort is approximately 30 kms from Margao, South Goa. The fort timings are 9.30 am – 5.30 pm.


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