Exploring Coastal Forts of Goa Which Offer Striking Views| #1 Chapora Fort

Standing atop the remains of each of these ancient Portuguese forts, one can just imagine how imposing they must have been in the bygone era. They would have probably looked like sentinels guarding the land against invaders. Before you conjure up images of forts, let me clarify that what remains today are ancient laterite walls, a few restored buildings and canons. Also,these forts share two common features – they were all built using the local red laterite stone (which is still used today) and each offers spectacular views of the ocean.

Chapora Fort

The walls of the Chapora Fort can be seen at the top of the hill

It was early afternoon as we made the short steep climb leading to the entrance of the fort. Inside, is a vast open space enclosed by walls on all sides. Monsoon is a great time to make a trip here. Except for the laterite walls everything else was a brilliant green!


From atop, it’s indeed a spectacular panoramic view comprising of beaches, the Chapora river and the hilly terrain.

A view of the Vagator Beach stretch from atop Chapora Fort
The Chapora river meets the sea. The sandy beach stretch of Morjim can be seen in the distance.

If you enjoy taking a walk, then you could go down the adjoining hill (jump over the fort wall as the gate seems permanently closed). It’s a lovely walk down a narrow path surrounded by grassland and shrubs.



The sun can get quite sharp so it’s a good idea to get there in the late afternoon.This fort is quite popular with the tourist crowd as it’s one of the best viewpoints in North Goa. It also shot to fame after the locale was used for filming the Bollywood film `Dil Chahta Hai ‘!

Chapora Fort is close to Vagator, North Goa and is 22 kms from Panjim. The fort is open from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.


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