Salalah: 6 drives that form a one day itinerary

The White Sand Beach of Mughsail

Sea, sand and camels at Al Mughsail Beach


Al Mughsail with its long stretch of white sand beach is quite a beautiful sight to take in. At one end are the blowholes alongside the Marneef caves. I would rate it as one of the most beautiful sights in Salalah. People flock to see the blow holes of Mughsail, which during the Khareef season are quite dramatic. It’s also where I first saw the unique combination of sea, sand and camels (grazing on the beach). A more detailed post over here.

The Scent of Frankincense


If you have lived in Oman or have visited as a tourist, then you will associate the scent of frankincense with the country. You cannot miss the fragrance (which at times can be a bit overbearing) in the Souks, malls, shops and it’s an integral part of every Omani household. The natural oil content found in Frankincense makes it burn easily. It was finally in Salalah, its home terrain that we got to see these trees grow in abundance. To collect frankincense, small incisions are cut into the bark which allows the milky sap to seep out. As it dries this forms the semi – opaque resin that we see in the market. The Frankincense Farm is just off the Salalah – Muscat highway.

A Frankincense Tree

A Tomb Atop a Hill


Job’s tomb is located atop an isolated hill. There’s nothing dramatic about the structure, but in religious terms it draws a fair number of people. Outside the tomb is an enclosed footprint that is reputed to be Job’s. What makes it worth a visit, is the picturesque drive to get up there and for the beautiful view it offers of Salalah, on a clear day. The tomb is around 30km northwest of Salalah.

The road leading up to Job’s tomb


The Tranquil Taqah Beach



Swaying coconut trees alongside a white sand beach, which eventually ends at the pretty fishing village of Taqah is well worth a visit. The corniche along the beach is great for an evening walk and is also a popular picnic spot for the local Arab families. From Salalah it’s about a 40km drive to reach Taqah town.

The tranquil Taqah Beach


The Magnetic Hill


We heard about this place from a local and curious to experience the effect, made our way to the Magnetic Hill or the Anti – Gravity point. This point is between Taqah and Mirbat and near Tawi Atair. There are no signboards anywhere to signal the location. Curious to experience it, we parked the car in neutral. On letting go of the brakes, the car gradually started climbing uphill. There is said to be a magnetic pull that exists between the ocean and the mountain. We would have liked to spend more time experiencing this but for the speeding cars on the road which made us move on.

Approaching the Anti – Gravity Point


Mirbat: A Coastal Town


Our last stop was at Mirbat, a coastal fishing town which has lovely beaches as well. It’s about 75 kilometers East of Salalah.  Along the beach is the Mirbat fort, which was under renovation and closed at the time of our visit. The drive to Mirbat wasn’t all that smooth due to the ongoing road work. If you’re passing by the town, it’s worth a stop.

The view of Mirbat Beach from the fort

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