Goa In The Rains: Infinite shades of green

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Walking into Joet’s, a beach side restaurant for dinner on a weekday after a downpour, I was rather surprised to see that they were doing brisk business. Having gone with the assumption that there would be plenty of empty tables, it turned out I had to actually search for one! Monsoon brings the lean season to Goa – the beaches are empty, the shacks have all disappeared, many restaurants close and the migrant work force moves to the hills. It’s also the time of the year when the countryside turns a lush green.

Paddy fields along the highway

Goa starts gearing up for the monsoon which usually arrives during the first week of June. Grey skies, persistent rain with downpours is pretty much what you will experience if you visit between June and September. The rains transform the landscape – from green to a lush ravishing green.

The countryside

The rains are accompanied with a lot of breeze making the sea rough and frothy and on most beaches you’ll find a pole with a red flag. Due to the undercurrents swimming in the sea is off bounds.

A view of the coast along the Vagator beach 
Dusk at Bogmalo beach 

Standing on the beach you can watch curtains of rain heading your way before you get drenched. With the winds blowing an umbrella isn’t of much use!

The rain approaches at Majorda Beach

If you enjoy the rains and aren’t keen on crowds, then monsoon is a great time to visit Goa. The beaches are devoid of the regular tourists, hotels offer great off season rates and you get to see over flowing water bodies and infinite shades of green!



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