Goa: The Japanese Garden usually escapes the tourist’s eye


One of the alluring facets of living in Goa, is stumbling upon a secluded beach.

The Japanese Garden is one such place that escapes the tourist’s eye.  Hidden away near the port area, it is frequented more by those who live in and around Vasco. A local in passing once referred to this park and that was the first time I heard of it. Living not to far way from Vasco, we finally made the visit.

The Japanese Garden is a small, well maintained park. Though I didn’t find anything remotely Japanese about it. What makes it special is it’s location – a calm and quiet spot on the hilltop overlooking the sea, making it a fabulous viewpoint!

The view from the park



It’s a nice walk down the pathway which leads you to the beach.

Along the way, we came across a temple in between a clump of coconut trees and a fisherman’s family who had made the beach their temporary home.


And finally, you’re on that secluded stretch of beach. If you happen to visit in the early mornings or on a weekday, it’s pretty much just you, the rocks and the sea!





One thought on “Goa: The Japanese Garden usually escapes the tourist’s eye

  1. Such a wonderful and serene beach hard to believe such a peaceful place in this country. Tempted to hike up to that place sometime pretty soon…lals

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