Wadi Dayqah Dam: A contrast of natural beauty and human engineering

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It’s not often that you come across freshwater bodies in Oman’s landscape. In the rocky, rugged and otherwise parched terrain the Wadi Dayqah Dam makes quite a spectacular sight – a real contrast of natural beauty and human engineering.

The lake formed by the Wadi Dayqah Dam

The Wadi (valley) is set amidst rugged rocky peaks. The dam was built to collect the water that flows down during the periodic rains and also control the volume of water flowing through the `Dayqah’ (narrow torrent) to the villages below.


The Wadi Dayqah Dam was opened in 2012 and is the highest in the country

If you have a head for heights then you could take a walk on the dam to watch the foaming waters down below and get a splendid view of the valley.

Visiting on a weekday, we just came across a few tourists but on weekends and other holidays you will most likely find picnic mats all over the park as it’s a popular getaway for locals and Muscat residents. Alongside the park is a coffee shop catering to the tourist crowd.

The tourist office is a short climb away. It serves as a good view point but otherwise currently doesn’t offer much for the tourist.

The tourist office in the distance is perched on top of the hill

Getting there: From Muscat it’s a 1 1/2 hour drive on the Amerat – Quriyat Road. It’s a good tarmac road and the sign boards along the way will guide you to the dam. 


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