Muscat to Salalah: Driving 1000 Kms Through Desert Terrain




Introducing Salalah…

Salalah is the second largest city in the Sultanate of Oman. It lies in the southern tip of the country in the Dhofar province and also happens to be the birthplace of the Sultan of Oman.

What sets it apart from the rest of Oman, is the `Khareef’ season’. `Khareef’ in Arabic means autumn, but here it refers to the rainy months from July to September. While the rest of the Middle East reels from the soaring  summer temperatures, Salalah enjoys a cooler climate and attracts people from other parts of Oman as well from the neighbouring gulf states. The greenery for sure would be a treat to the eyes.

From Muscat, its 1 1/2 hours by flight (the fastest and easiest way of getting there) or if you enjoy driving, it’s approximately a 11 hour drive covering 1,100 kms across desert terrain. Oman has great roads and we choose to drive.The route is pretty straightforward with plenty of sign boards along the way.

The first leg of the drive, somewhere between Muscat and Adam


This is pretty much the standard view you can expect to see most of the way


Fuel stop on the outskirts of Haima. Entering camel terrain!


Sand dunes break the monotony of the desertscape


The beginning of the Dhofar range as we approach Salalah


A landscape of rolling hills, which turn a bright green with the onset of the rains

Visiting Salalah in the winter, we missed out on the shades of green that are seen during the Khareef season. The picture below says it all!

Salalah during the khareef season (Image courtesy : Muscat Daily)

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