City of Muscat|Dressed up in lights

If light and lighting is your line of business in Oman, then November should be a busy month for you…

A shopping centre in the city

With the Sultanates  46th National Day around the corner the city’s main roads are bedecked with thousands of colourful light bulbs ( This public holiday celebrates independence from Portugal control in 1650 and is the start of a two-day break, as 19 November is also a public holiday to mark the birthday of the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said al Said ).

The Corniche: lights in the shape of the frankincense burner

The decorative lights come in designs that signify Oman’s cultural heritage and this year they are mainly in the colours of the national flag – white, red and green. It doesn’t stop with the roads… people decorate cars, houses and commercial buildings.

The muted colours of the city’s landscape is starkly juxtaposed by this profusion of colour lights at night.

Here’s a bird eye’s view of how the city looks on National Day .

The best part is yet to come. The holidays are given the following week, combined with the weekend making it a four days break, the thought of which should definitely light up your weekend !


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