Muscat: 5 scenic sea views to be seen

img_20160916_183743168Muscat in Arabic means “safe anchorage” and we are currently anchored in this port city! Muscat lies on the Arabian Sea along the Gulf of Oman. Being a port, the sea obviously constitutes a major part of the city.

Here are a few picturesque sea views…

The  Corniche, which is the port area with the sea front  has views of the rocky Hajar mountains meeting the Arabian Sea. It’s a walk way of approximately 2 kilometers and is a popular hangout among the city residents for a walk  or a coastal stroll in the late evenings ( I say `late’ because the weather hasn’t yet cooled down enough for people to want to walk out earlier in the day). As twilight approaches, the street lights are turned on and the Corniche lightens up.

A view of the Corniche with the port seen at a distance
The pathway along the sea front
The moon rises from behind the rocky Hajar mountains

There is a stretch of beach within the city which is great for a beach walk or a swim if you are looking to get into the water. It’s dotted with hotels  and starts at the Grand Hyatt and goes all the way till the Crown Plaza. Weekends tend to get crowded as everyone comes outdoors with their picnic baskets and barbecues.

Sunset near the Hyatt Beach


The walkway along the Crown Plaza beach ( the hotel can be seen at a distance)





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