Bhutan Diaries #8: Going Local

Wrapping up the Bhutan diaries, here are a few not to be missed local sights and experiences…

A Bhutanese meal: From left – Ema Datshi, Lentils with Greens, Red Chilly Pickled Paste, Butter Tea and Himalayan Red Rice

A Bhutanese meal will surely feature on any travelers itinerary but for the authentic experience dine where the locals do. We had lunch at a small restaurant located in a house somewhere in the by-lanes of Thimphu. For vegetarians, the owner recommended the Ema Datshi ( which is a spicy mix of chillies and the local cheese known as Datshi). The Ema Datshi also has variations, which include adding green beans,  potatoes, mushrooms or swapping the regular cheese for yak cheese.


The weekend market is popular among the locals who come to shop from the nearby villages. Walking through the local market in Thimphu we found it to be clean and organized with an interesting variety of rice, vegetables, spices and incense.


Local produce is also sold along the highways and can make an interesting stop. Here, are a variety of freshly harvested greens, broccoli, bamboo and a deep fried snack made from rice.


A painting in progress

These are the eight good luck symbols of Buddhism. Watch out for them as you travel through this small Buddhist country.


Weaving a scarf

Weaving is a local craft and the Bhutanese women often sit before their looms for hours daily, weaving clothing and scarves. These are sold at the local crafts bazaar in Thimphu.


WP_20160126_010 (2)

Walking around Thimphu, we found this painted on a wall – a reminder of the time we spent in Zanzibar !


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