A Rainy November

November is the season when the short rains come to Zanzibar. They range from a drizzle, to a downpour or a thunderstorm but are short in duration, usually varying between 10 -20 minutes.


The Bing Weather App has been doing a pretty good job of predicting the day’s weather pattern.wp_ss_20151130_0001[1]

Typically the day starts with a blue sky and then dark rain clouds move in bringing rains, followed by the sun which gives it the humid twist. Towards evening, its usually back to a sunny sky with scattered clouds.

Despite the rains, the temperatures never seem to go down making the short breaks from the rains rather hot and humid.

If you get caught in a thunderstorm while you’re walking through the alleys of Stone Town its best to take shelter in a shop. Within minutes the alleyways turn into streams of gushing water which unfortunately is a combination of all the grime around!


So what does one do in such weather? Find a restaurant with an ocean view and watch the rain over hot lunch!

If there’s one aspect of Stone town that remains constant, it’s the sunset skies – rain or sun they are beautiful!



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