Three Kings Church: For the off beat traveller

On a hill near the village of Cansaulim in South Goa stands an old white church. Driving along the picturesque coastal road from Velsao to Colva, from a distance it seems like a a tiny speck atop the hill. At an unmarked turning which is quite easy to miss, is the beginning of a steep climb that takes you up the hill leading to the gates of the Three Kings Church.


What keeps taking me back to this place is not actually the church but the unparalleled views that it offers – the Arabian Ocean stretching from Velsao to Colva surrounded by a carpet of lush greenery all around.


From the top of the hill, you get a magnificent view of the South Goa coastline. During the monsoon, at times it’s difficult to make out the difference between the sea and the clouds as they all are in shades of grey.


The place is quiet and peaceful, since its visited only by the locals and the occasional tourist. Every year on the 6th of January the church celebrates the Three Kings feast, when the local crowds descend and it becomes a hive of activity. An interesting tidbit – the wedding scene of the Bollywood movie Finding Fanny was shot at this church!

I have heard a tale which says that this church is considered to be a haunted one, but that’s probably a story best told by a local over a Goan meal!



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