Maru Maru Hotel Zanzibar

Sitting here at the Terrace Restaurant of the Maru Maru Hotel, I get a 360 degree panoramic view of Stone Town.

maru maru hotel zanzibar

Starting with the blue Indian Ocean and then moving on to the rooftops of the town, it’s one of the best views you will get of Stone Town as you settle down to enjoy a meal choosing from a variety of  Swahili, Indian or Continental cuisine.

Gizenga Street in the heart of Stone Town, is fairly busy during the day as its lined with a variety of shops and restaurants. At one end of the street, just behind the Old Fort is the Maru Maru Hotel.

maru maru hotel zanzibar
At one end of Gizenga Street is the Maru Maru Hotel

The ornately carved Zanzibar doors, the sparkling floors and the fragrance of lemongrass welcome you as you enter this hotel.Originally a town house with marble floors and tiles, it is today restored into a hotel with 44 rooms, designed to retain the Afro-Arabian style as seen in the local architecture.

maru maru hotel zanzibar

It looks rather small from the outside, but then looks can be deceptive!  This you will realize as you walk inside, and take the lift to the Terrace Restaurant. If you’re visiting Zanzibar, staying at this centrally located hotel in Stone Town is convenient, as from here all the local sights are at a walk able distance.

Downstairs, by the fountain is a small coffee shop and the in house bakery churns out a variety of pastries, breads and buns.


On my way out I stopped to pick up a freshly baked loaf of bread, still warm as it was just out of the oven!


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