Two Forts in Oman

The sun was high up in the sky and it was the beginning of another hot day as we reached Nizwa, the second biggest city in Oman. It’s a smooth 1 ½ hours drive along a good highway from the capital city of Muscat. Situated in the middle of the city is the Nizwa Fort.


The Nizwa Fort is Oman’s most visited national monument. The fort was built in the 17th century by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya’rubi and I am told that it was built over a period of 12 years. There have been turbulent periods in Oman’s long history and the fort is a reminder of the town’s significance. It was built above an underground stream so that a permanent supply of water was ensured in times of war. Today, it’s a well maintained monument showcasing Oman’s history.

Al-Rustaq, is a town in the Al Batinah Region of Northern Oman and was once the capital of Oman (sometime in the 17th century). We decided to visit the Rustaq Fort on hearing that the drive to the town is picturesque.The town of Rustaq is set amongst date plantations and it was a pleasant change to see some green in the otherwise brown landscape.

Rustaq Town

Both these forts make ideal weekend getaways if you’re looking for a day trip outing. By Thursday, people are usually making weekend plans (in the Gulf the weekends are on Friday and Saturday). So, if you’re wondering where to head out this weekend and haven’t visited these forts then you know where to go!


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