Monsoon Magic: The Konkan Coast

Goa is green throughout the year but come monsoon and the shades of green multiply and this happens all along the Konkan coast – perfect weather for a monsoon drive. It was early September, mid monsoon and having a couple of days off during the Ganapati holidays,we decided to do this drive along the Konkan Coast. It’s the season when it’s at it’s greenest and least touristy.

The route we decided on was Chicalim(Goa) – Sawantwadi – Ratnagiri – Ganapatipule, approximately 300kms.Those who have travelled on the Konkan Railway will vouch for the scenic views and driving through is another way to explore this picturesque strip of coast.

WP_20140901_009Deciding on an early start we made stops along the way to take in the views. We turned off the national highway at Rajapur, taking one of the smaller roads ( the Maharashtra State Highway) which goes along the coast and has scenic views.

konkan6     WP_20140901_010

This picturesque strip of coast is peppered with beautiful beaches, lots of waterways and fishing villages. It also has the combination of green hills with the sea below.

Somewhere in between Ratnagiri and Ganapatipule
On the way
Approaching Ganapatipule
The Ganesha Temple

Except for a small stretch between Ratnagiri and Ganapatipule the roads were pretty good. Reaching the town towards the evening, we looked around for a hotel to stay the night.

Ganapatipule, a small pilgrim town surprisingly had only a handful of tourists, a combination of the monsoons and everyone celebrating the festival in their respective homes.

Beach at Ganapatipule

The next morning, after a walk around the temple and the beach we started the drive back. We took a slight detour and visited a fort at Devgad. What remains now is only the ruins of a fort but the view from the hill top was beautiful.

konkan7konkon1        WP_20140902_014

What we missed out on, was tasting a Malvani meal – an overlap of Maharashtrian and Goan cuisine!


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