Stone Town: the other side

Time stops at 12.10 on this clock!

This is my favourite part of Stone Town – the walk from the ministry buildings till the House of Wonders, opposite Forodhani Gardens. It’s a fairly quiet road with some trees here and there, interspersed with ocean views and hotels along the way. As it’s the only road leading to the sea front, there is a fair amount of traffic but nonetheless still walk-able.

                                                                A small stretch of beach
The Africa House was formerly the English Club, which has been restored and renovated into a hotel. The rooftop Sunset Bar is a favourite spot for watching the sun go down among locals and tourists.
On the left, is Park Hyatt Zanzibar opened earlier this year –  the architecture retains the local touch.



The House of Wonders, is the tallest and largest building in Stone Town and is a landmark structure along the seafront. If you’re arriving in Stone Town by ferry the clock tower can be seen as you approach the town. The story goes that the House of Wonders was given its name because it was the first house in Zanzibar to have electricity, running water and an elevator. I am told that this was built by Sultan Barghash as a ceremonial palace in 1883. The massive door at the entrance is said to have been built wide enough for the Sultan to pass through on an elephant. As of now, I can only look at it from a distance, as the building has been closed for renovation for a while and there’s no telling when it will be completed. I wonder what lies inside!


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