Urojo/ Zanzibar Mix: Tasting Tanzania’s street food

One Sunday afternoon, we stopped by at Joshi’s for lunch having seen posters advertising their Vegetarian Thali and Panipuri at different locations (there’s one even in the middle of Jozani Forest !). It’s a small place in the by lanes of Stone Town with tables and chairs laid out on the street. As we pondered on what to eat Mr.Joshi made it easy by saying the only thing available was Urojo! On asking what it was he pointed to a poster displayed and said it’s a dish he’s come up with to cater to both the local and Indian taste buds. So we decided to give it a try….


Urojo ( also known as Zanzibar mix), is an Indian inspired Zanzibari Tanzanian bowl of curry soup with lots of toppings. It’s packed with diverse flavors and textures. The ‘Mix’ is a bowl of smooth and tangy soup cooked with lemon and mango, with pieces of mashed potatoes, onions slices, peanuts and crispy bhajias immersed in it. It’s topped with a spoon of coconut chutney, a dash of red-hot chutney and a scoop of deep fried potato shavings sprinkled on top.


It seems to be a popular street food in these parts with some add on variations. To me it seemed like a mish mash of tastes and one bowl is quite filling ( I couldn’t finish mine).

Well, give it a try and see if it appeals to your taste buds!


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