Stone Town’s Darajani Market: Shop for spices, live chickens and mobile phones

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Just outside the narrow lanes of Stone Town is the lively Darajani Market. This is the place where food supplies and ingredients from around the island are traded and sold. Here you find everything from spices, shoes, live chickens and fish to mobile phones and other accessories.

WP_20150919_003WP_20150919_001  Walking past the small stalls you find an array of fresh produce – giant stalks of plantains, stacks of cassava (tapioca), seasonal vegetables and fruits are all stacked in small piles. Each pile usually costs 500 TZS or 1000 TZS. Makes shopping easy as one doesn’t have to spend time haggling like you do at the souvenir shops.

Zanzibar apples ( crisp like apples, but not sweet) and Mangosteens.


There’s a large section of the market dedicated to fresh meat and also a fish market where you can check out the auction and occasionally spot huge sailfish and tuna. This part of the market reeks of a combination of smells; you could either become indifferent to it (or enjoy it?), or hold your breath and walk past as fast as your feet can carry you.



By 5.30pm shops start closing down for the day (they always close on time!) and business picks up at a frenzied pace in the evening market where the crowds gather, before the town closes down for the day.


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