Zanzibar: The popular Jambo song

When I hear the band singing the `Jambo Song’ on the Rooftop Terrace Restaurant, it means the weekend is here. Originally a Kenyan pop song, it’s sung largely for the tourist audience and includes several common Swahili phrases and greetings. Sometimes, on the Spice Tour when one of the locals is climbing a coconut tree he sings this song for tourists.The catchy tune makes it popular amongst the tourist crowd, especially the phrase `Hakuna Matata’ (No worries).

Jambo Bwana Song:

( Here in Zanzibar, Kenya yetu is substituted with Zanzibar yetu )

This phrase `Hakuna Matata’ was popularized by its use in the famous Walt Disney animated movie `The Lion King’ (where a song is devoted to this Swahili phrase).

Lion King – Hakuna Matata:

(For those who haven’t seen `The Lion King’… A Meerkat and a Warthog, named Timon and Pumbaa respectively, teach the main character, a Lion cub named Simba, that he should forget his troubled past and live in the present.)


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