Stone Town| Zanzibar Coffee House


Walking past the Zanzibar Coffee House, the aroma of authentic brewed coffee makes you want to try out their Café. Nestled amongst the by lanes of Stone Town this Café seems quite popular amongst tourists.

What makes it different from other cafés in town is that their coffee (brand called Rift Valley) is grown by the hotels owners on estates in Zanzibar and in the southern Highlands in Tanzania. The coffee seeds are roasted and brewed in house, giving out an aroma that attracts coffee lovers. In the afternoons, they have a coffee roasting show as well.

               WP_20150927_009                                WP_20150927_005

The Café serves a variety of coffees as well as cakes and a range of continental food. The Cappuccino was nice and strong and tasted of freshly brewed coffee. Though it came lukewarm (I don’t know why but they always seem to come that way), they willingly took it back and brought a hot one. Will add, that by far it’s the best Cappuccino I’ve tasted in Stone Town. Among the cakes, we tried the Chocolate Mousse Tart which was good and had a home baked taste to it.

WP_20150927_010Having heard that East African coffee is some of the finest in the world, it’s the place for a serious cup of coffee to kick start your morning, afternoon or evening.


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