Pizza| A taste of the`Made in Zanzibar’ speciality

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The Zanzibari’s have invented this dish which is extremely popular in the night food market at Forodhani Gardens. Stalls named `Mr.Chocolate’ or `Mr.Sweet’ sell a variety of sweet and savoury pizza’s which are made once you’ve placed your order. This nowhere resembles the `regular pizza’. It tastes more like a combination of an omelet and a pancake with a filling of your choice. You have the option of finishing your meal with a sweet pizza.

First, is a layer of veggies sprinkled onto a thin rolled out base
Next, a scoop of Mayo and cheese is added on…

WP_20150822_004    WP_20150822_006

Then, an egg is broken on top and the sides folded in.

The folded pizza is placed on the frying pan and flipped so that it gets evenly cooked
Finally, the cooked pizza is cut into pieces and served on plates with a toothpick, which acts as the fork

Incidentally, many restaurants on the island make a good regular Pizza as well. It’s just that they’ve decided to call this dish a Zanzibar Pizza!


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