The Sea Route

Ferry arriving at Stone Town
Ferry arriving at Stone Town

There are two modes of transport that connect Zanzibar with mainland Tanzania, flight and ferry.The nearest city is Dar Es Salaam (locally referred to as Dar) which is 30 minutes by flight or  2 ½ hours by ferry. The ferry of course is cheaper and it’s quite a pleasant ride if the seas aren’t choppy. Azam Marine runs four ferries a day from Stone Town to Dar and vice versa. It offers both an economy and VIP class and after trying out both, I would recommend the VIP category which is well worth the extra 5 dollars!

Reaching Dar

Except for fresh produce, most supplies come from Dar and a delay in shipment could at times bring life to a standstill. For instance, sometime back there was no petrol available on the whole Island due to a delayed shipment. I am told that hotels usually stock up about 600 litres of petrol for these situations!


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